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Support small businesses and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee


New Ground

We believe coffee can go beyond the cup and can be used as a catalyst for change right here in our very own communities.

Round Hill

From our approach to roasting to the colours of our packaging, we pay homage to the vivid character of our coffees. Bright and vibrant... candy for grown-ups.


The pursuit of flavour is simply asking the question: What makes coffee great?

Django Coffee Co.

This company is my way to express my love for the cultures and people of the coffee producing countries and at the same time make people aware of how important the environment is to not only the coffee industry but to our existence.

Fire & Flow

We believe that producing superb speciality coffee goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility.

Amar Cafe

We are a speciality coffee roaster and small café chain operating from the iconic Telephone Booths in London serving exclusively Colombian coffees.
Ludlow (Shropshire)

Hundred House Coffee

With an adventurous range of blends and single origins, our beans are the perfect choice for cultured coffee drinkers who appreciate something different. Sales of our coffee help support the creative community through our Art + Industry Programme.

Mug Run

We freshly roast ethical coffee. Hand crafted with a Welsh spoon full of love.


We want people to fall in love with speciality coffee and encourage them to be part of a movement that helps to protect it for future generations.


We believe that coffee is more than a pleasant drink and morning staple, it can do good for local and distant communities.

Full Court Press

It’s simple: at Full Court Press we serve exceptional coffee provided with honest, informative and, above all, welcoming service.

Cairngorm Coffee

Cairngorm Coffee have been crafting coffee in Edinburgh since 2014. With a strong focus on quality and community, they have become a strong part of the fantastic Scottish coffee scene.


We exist to spark great experiences and build lasting relationships

39 Steps

We source some of the very best, most sustainable coffees possible. Be a part of it, follow our journey.

The Missing Bean

We carefully choose the best coffees from around the world based on unique flavours and sustainability.