Amar Cafe

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We are a speciality coffee roaster and small café chain operating from the iconic Telephone Booths in London serving exclusively Colombian coffees.
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Our story

TO LOVE COFFEE. This is who we are, we are truly passionate about our coffees, our roots, our country.

“We truly believe good coffee depends on good relationships. Which means not just being on the ground, but being part of it. I’m Colombian, I know my ‘tierrita’ and I know my people. Those farmers in my country are making an extraordinary effort to bring you just the best coffee.”

Founder, Lore Mejia.

Our process

All our coffees are speciality, traceable, sustainable and single origin from Colombia.

The farmers we work with make an extraordinary effort to grow their coffees, we recognized their effort respecting their work beyond fair trade.

Our retail coffee bags, apart from being beautiful and colourful, are made entirely from recyclable plastic that can be recycled. We don't use foil or paper as most sealable coffee bags, which made it impossible to recycle it with other plastic packing material. With our 100% recyclable coffee bag we still guarantee the freshness of our high quality roasted speciality Colombian coffee beans. Our bags are made from LDPE 4 (Low Density Polyethylene) which means that can be collected with plastic waste.

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Some coffee from this roaster