Mug Run

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We freshly roast ethical coffee. Hand crafted with a Welsh spoon full of love.
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Our story

Once upon a time in the small North Wales seaside town that is Rhyl, Mug Run Coffee Roasting came into being. Born from an obsession with images of 'film noir' coffee shops and a constant desire for a mug of the magic warm brown elixir which can power the imagination.

One day whilst sitting over a cup of coffee during a break at work it was clear that more had to be done with coffee. Realising that coffee had been the one constant in life and so, right there and then, plans were set in motion.

Our process

The idea of having a shop changed into a van, then the van idea developed into the crucible of roasting coffee. Since then the quest has been to uphold and spread the good word throughout the nation of the four cornerstones of coffee:

1. Grown attentively

2. Roasted diligently

3. Extracted suitably by grind

4. Fair pay for all

After all, is said and done, when you’re full of beans and you've ground the coffee down to extract a saucer full of secrets, what’s important is that people are treated fairly and the coffee doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

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